God’s Work, Our Hands!
2018 Food for the Soul Campaign
Hello Friends!
We are doing a wonderful job collecting food for our “God’s work. Our hands.” project to fill 100 grocery bags for Loop Ministries’ “Food for the Soul” program. 
On Sunday September 9th, we will fill the bags during our church-wide picnic following the second service at King’s Bend Park and deliver them to Loop at Reformation Church downtown.  
We are getting close to the 100 of some items that we need, while others are lagging behind in the count. Each bag contains 16 specific items and costs about $25 to complete. Purchase one of each item to complete a bag, or choose to buy many of your favorite food! Thank you to all those who have already donated items. 
Below is an update on how many of each item we still need 
to help you decide what to purchase.  
As of Monday, 8/20/2018 – We are still in need of:
      163 Corn
      183 Mixed Veggies
      179 Green Beans
      186 Peaches in juice
      184 Pears in juice
      148 tuna
      92 chunky soup
      74 chicken noodle soup
    88 pkgs – brown rice
     90 pkgs – whole wheat spaghetti
      83 jars – low sugar (7 g or less) spaghetti sauce
     80 boxes – low sugar cereal (Cheerios, shredded wheat…)
      92 jars – low sugar peanut butter
      90 containers – shelf stable milk
   43 pkgs – toilet paper
      90 bottles – laundry detergent
Please deliver items to the foyer by 
Tuesday, September 4th.
Please contact Reid Cunningham for more information. Thank you for your support!