Simply Giving

WHAT IS IT? It is a safe and secure way to make sure your financial commitment to your congregation is made, even if you are unable to attend the service.

HOW DOES IT WORK? You decide how much you want your contribution to be. That amount is deducted from your checking or savings account and deposited directly into the Congregation’s bank account.

WHO PAYS FOR THIS SERVICE? The service is a contribution to all enrolled Congregations by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. It is administered by Vanco Corporation, a large financial insitution headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. A congregational representative will help you fill out the application blank, and explain the various options for the deductions to be taken out of your financial account.

WHAT IF I WANT TO STOP OR CHANGE THE DEDUCTION? Contact Alisa Piccirilli (church bookkeeper) at 585-586-0580 or  e-mail her ( and she will make the necessary changes for you 🙂

WHY CAN’T MY BANK MAKE THE CHANGES? Your contract for the deduction is with Vanco Corporation and your Congregation. Your bank, on your behalf, is just providing this service.

INTERESTED? Contact the Church Office at (585) 586-0580


Simply Giving

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