Choirs at St. Paul’s

Despite the limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed upon congregational and choral singing, we continue our search for creative solutions that enrich the spiritual and musical lives of our choir members and other musical congregants. Through regular online choir meetings and special virtual performance projects, we hope to continue fostering meaningful community while making joyful music.

In our regular Zoom meetings, the choir will:

  • Have a platform for social connection and to check in with one another
  • Explore a wide range of repertoire, from renaissance motets to modern day jazz and Gospel styles
  • Learn about the historical, theoretical, and theological concepts within our sacred repertoire
  • Create our own virtual performances for Sunday morning live streams
  • Collaborate with other local congregations on special virtual projects
  • Continue to develop basic vocal fundamentals such as breathing, posture, and tone production

While making music safely in their own homes, choir members can strive towards other measurable musical goals such as: 

  • Increasing confidence to sing as a soloist and/or ensemble member
  • Developing individual practice techniques and self-evaluation skills to monitor musical and technical progress
  • Learning about the unique quality and characteristics of one’s own individual and valuable voice

In addition to our group virtual projects, we are truly grateful for the time and talents of our four Choral Scholars, who will provide more regular vocal music making through solo and chamber projects. We look forward to incorporating our Choral Scholars into our livestream Sunday morning worship services when it is deemed appropriately safe, and following that, eventually phasing in the rest of our choral musicians.

Our Choral Scholars are Joshua Bassette (bass), David Falterman (tenor), Kira Kaplan (soprano), and Laura O’Neil (alto).

This is a time of heightened vulnerability for some people, and singing in the home may pose its own challenges. We encourage choir members everywhere to be patient with themselves as we adapt to this new mode of music making. The time will come again when we can gather and lift our voices in jubilant song – but for now, we encourage you to find, get to know, and lift your own voice to praise the glory of God!

Beginning in September, the St. Paul’s Adult Choir will meet most Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Zoom. We always welcome new members (adults or teens), at any time of the year. For more information, please contact our Minister of Music, Jon Madden, at