FAQ Questions about Covid-19 and St. Paul’s

1. When can I drop things off in the building, such as food donations, other collections, or my offering?
The foyer is open from 10-11am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursdays from 2-3pm. 
2. When can we worship again in our beautiful sanctuary?
We have begun in-person services. Worshipers may join us for the livestream at 9:30; vaccination is recommended for this, as there is singing at this service. Or, the attend a service with communion, but no singing service at 11am. 
3. When can I have communion again?
Our 11am in-person service includes communion. In addition, Pastor Johanna is fully vaccinated and willing and able to bring communion to your home, or meet you at church. Outdoor meeting is still preferred, if possible.
4. Can groups meet in the building during the week?
Groups (outside and internal) may use the building, following their own protocols for safety.
5. Is the church able to hold funerals or weddings?
We are able to hold funerals and weddings.  For these services, we will do what we can to stream them for those not able to be physically present.
6. Will we keep live-streaming even after we are back to worshiping in person?
Yes, that’s the plan! We are currently working on a set-up that will help us install cameras that will be mostly unseen by the congregation. Council has already approved the funds for this. We have also switched to Greenlight internet; this high speed internet dramatically improves what we can do with the livestream.
If you have other questions, send them our way, and we’ll do our best to answer.