Lutheran Youth Organization

We, the Lutheran Youth Organization of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pittsford, NY, are a welcoming community of Christian youth on a path which includes: growing in our faith, building confidence, helping those in need, and striving to make a positive difference in our world.”
Jennifer Canning & Jori Cincotta
LYO Coordinators

2018-19 LYO Summary of Events


St. Paul’s LYO’s year has been filled with building our relationships with one another and other LYO groups as well as hosting multiple events and activities.

  • Last August, many of us assisted with St. Paul’s Annual VBS Week.
  • In the fall we fill candy bags for the Eastern Service workers and hosted the church Halloween party for our younger kids.
  • Some of us participated in GFL –LYO fall game night.
  • In November, 16 of us went to an escape room (and we are pleased to say we all got out!) and we helped bake and sell Thanksgiving pies to support Habitat for Humanity. 
  • In December we participated in the annual church Christmas decorating.
  • During the winter and spring we hosted our LYO Italian Café and did our first 30 Hour Famine in a number of years.
  • Members of our group also participated in the GFL-LYO Winter Weekend in March.
  • We organized the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Mother’s Day Brunch as well.
  • Our last event of this year was our Father’s Day Celebration with raffle baskets, contests and root beer floats.

At our last LYO meeting on Friday, June 14th we determined where our benevolence dollars will go to for this past years work: 

  • $1300 will be donated to World Vision for our 30 Hour Famine. We raised enough money to support 8 children for a year.
  • We agreed to provide $500 towards the St. Paul’s annual Flower City Habitat for Humanity donation.
  • The Gandhi Institute and Rochester Children’s Agenda will also receive $500 each.
  • Our largest benefactor will be Pittsford Youth Services. Due to a generous gift of $500, we are able to increase our donation to $1500, which allows us to be a top level “Admiral Donor” for the annual Duck Drop coming up in July. 
  • Additional offerings from the congregation on Sunday, June 16th provided enough funds to sponsor THREE at-need youth for a week at the LCLC Summer Camp, instead of just one. 

Thank you ALL so much for your support in helping us make a difference with so many exceptional organizations. 
We want to thank Mrs. Piccirilli for leading our group the past few years and Mrs. Canning and Mrs. Cincotta for taking over that leadership in January. We also want to express our appreciation to our congregation and Pastor for their support of our many faith and community services based activities. 
LYO is planning a pool party and movie viewing to remain connected over the summer and will help out again with this year’s VBS in August.  
We invite the families of any incoming 6th graders to contact us to have them officially added to the LYO roster for the upcoming year!