Making Music @ St. Paul’s

For many of us, music is a vital component of our faith lives. Sacred music is one of the most intimate and yet profoundly communal ways we express our faith. Through music we also connect with our neighbors. Perhaps now more than ever we have realized that the benefits of music-making go well beyond learning the notes on the page – it nourishes our lives and lifts our souls. 


Four ways to participate in the music of St. Paul’s:

  1. Join choir! If you have ever been on the fence about joining choir, now is a perfect time to see if it is right for you.  Rehearsals will start in September.
  2. Join the Handbell Choir! Rehearsal schedule TBA. The Handbell Choir is a small ensemble of ringers. We will learn new music and perform periodically for Sunday worship.
  3. Provide special musical offerings for Sunday morning services. Please contact Jon Madden if you are interested in providing music for a prelude, offertory, or postlude.  Musical offerings requiring a collaborative pianist can be worked out with Jon.
  4. Participate in the liturgical music and hymns during worship services.

For more information or questions, please contact our Minister of Music, Jon Madden, at