Use of St. Paul’s by In-house Church Groups 

The Safety Protocol Taskforce has developed a general plan to outline recommendations about how the church may be used safely for limited meeting space.  The plan is dynamic and will be continually reviewed and updated to accommodate new information related the ongoing pandemic conditions in the Rochester area. 

The following protocols have been established for in-house church groups to use for limited meetings when the building is re-opened. 

Recommended Protocols for Meetings 

Procedure for reserving meeting space and required pre-meeting material: 

  • A minimum of 3 days ahead of your meeting, please contact Michelle to reserve space. Earlier reservations are appreciated. 
  • If a specific furniture set-up is needed, please indicate that to Michelle when you reserve a room so that the appropriate room can be designated and prepared ahead of arrival. 
  • Group size will be limited based on the size of the rooms, which can range from 15 to 22 persons capacity, depending on the room available. 
  • Michelle will provide the standard Screening Form to the designated meeting lead. 
  • The designated meeting lead should distribute the Screening Form in advance to all potential attendees. The questions on the screening form are standard questions to ensure that meeting attendees do not have symptoms nor have been exposed to the COVID virus prior to attending the meeting. 

Upon arrival to the church: 

  • There will be extra Screening Forms on the check-in table near the main entrance. The meeting lead is responsible to ensure that all attendees complete the Screening Form and return to Michelle following the meeting. The form contains acknowledgment of satisfying the screening questions provided prior to the meeting, as well as contact name information for contact tracing purposes. 
  • It is very important that the group only uses the designated room(s) assigned to them so that Tim is aware of which spaces need to be cleaned following use. 
  • Capacity limitations are posted in each room and are approximated based on the square footage of the room and the number of occupants that the room can accommodate while providing recommended social distancing. 
  • Bathrooms are available for use during meetings. 
  • It is the responsibility of the meeting lead and all meeting attendees to self-enforce the following safety protocols in order to ensure safety for the group: 
      • Masks will need to be worn at all times while inside the church. o Meeting attendees should bring their own mask.
      • Social distancing of 6 feet or more shall be maintained when possible. 
      • Masks do not need to be worn if eating or drinking, however, social distancing of 6 feet minimum will need to be maintained while eating or drinking.
      • Frequent use of hand washing and hand sanitizer is recommended.
      • Hand sanitizer is located in the church in three areas – one near each entrance (main and Lincoln Street) and one at the check-in table near the main entrance. 

If at any time you have questions regarding the recommended safety protocols, please contact Michelle or a member of the Safety Protocol Task Force listed below: 

  • Jennifer Olivo, (585) 503-5591 
  • Jamie Foster, (608) 335-8144 


Page updated: 01/25/2021