Weekly Wednesday Lenten Series

Created for the Community

A joint project of the Genesee Finger Lakes Conference

Join Zoom Worship Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Meeting ID: 837 4022 0666
Passcode: 802756


Though many of us have been apart for a full year now, still we know we are one community in Christ, disciples who grow and pray together. This year for Lent, we will live out that community connection in a bigger way, by joining together as a conference over Zoom for a midweek Lenten series.


Drawing from the Sunday lectionary and stories from Mark’s Gospel, we will reflect together on the various ways we are called to be community: with creation, with the saints, with our neighbor, with those on the margins, and with Christ.


Each Wednesday at 7:00pm, we will join in worship together around a different theme, led by pastors across the conference. At 7:30pm, we will offer an opportunity for those who wish to grow deeper in community, either through conversation around the day’s text, or through exploring a prayer practice that expands upon the week’s theme.


~ Schedule for Wednesdays during Lent ~


February 24: In Community with Creation

Led by: Pr. Aileen Robbins, Pr. Johanna Rehbaum, Sem. Lisa Frauens

Prayer practice: Praying in Color


March 3: In Community with the Saints

Led by: Pr. Amy Walter-Peterson, Pr. Debbie Johnson, Pr. Andrew Gookin

Prayer practice: Praying the Psalms


March 10: In Community with Our Neighbor

Led by: Pr. Eric Madsen, Pr. Korey Finstad, Pr .Steve Meyer

Prayer practice: Meditative Virtual Prayer Walk


March 17: In Community with Those on the Margins

Led by: Pr. Imani Olear, Pr. Gail Swanson, Pr. Craig Swanson

Prayer practice: Prayer through (Chair) Yoga


March 24: In Community with Christ

Led by Pr. Matthew Nickoloff, Pr. Lori Nickoloff, Pr. Jonathan Deibler

Prayer practice: Praying the Examen