Our Committees

There are many ways to get involved at St. Paul’s. We have a wide variety of committees that support the ministries and programs of our church. Contact the church office at stpauls@stpaulspittsford.org or any of the committee members to learn more.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild are members of St Paul’s who are servants: of God, of God’s people, of the liturgy, and of the worship space.  They: 

  • Care for the altar and its furnishings and linens, candles and prepare it for each service.
  • Care for the chancel area. 
  • Care for the acolytes’ robes, purificators, fair linen and paraments – assuring they are clean and pressed.
  • Perform any other necessary duties in accordance with the pastor’s wishes.

Mara Berndt

Dorothy Borglum

Theo Haynes

Robin Hoagland

Julie Huse

Lisa North

Sue Wyatt - Council Liaison

Building & Grounds Committee

Our building and grounds are one of our biggest assets, both to enjoy and to share with the community. The Building & Grounds Committee ensures the building and surrounding property is well maintained and safe for church and community groups to use the space. 



Ben Casper

Jamie Foster

Jordan Jackson

Paul North - Council Liaison

Endowment Committee

The Mission Endowment Committee oversees the Mission Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund supports the overall mission of St. Paul’s to spread the word, build a strong community and make the world a better place. Annually, the Mission Endowment Committee recommends to the Council the distributions to be made from the Endowment Fund.

The Committee consists of three to five members chosen by the Church Council who serve terms of three years. 


Mara Berndt

Jen Canning

Alisa Piccirilli

Laurie Zaucha - Chair

Faith Formation Committee

Our faith and relationship with God are always growing and changing as we grow in maturity and experience. The role of this committee is to offer opportunities for people to actively engage with their faith and spiritual growth. They plan events for children and families, such as Family Faith Nights and Vacation Bible School, offer guidance on adult education opportunities such as our annual Lenten series, and consider how to approach faith and learning in engaging, holistic, and creative ways. 


Ann Menendez

Pastor Johanna 

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee plans and executes social events within the St. Paul’s community. Our purpose is to bring members of the church closer together, increase the frequency of member contact to create stronger bonds and friendships, and build the reputation of our congregation as one of activity, fun and inclusion.  

We draw from the entire congregation’s talents and energy, and involve many members to execute events. Participation cures apathy! We encourage participation from all corners of the congregation with activities appealing to both young and old, resulting in greater appeal for potential new membership.

“We make fun things happen!"

Jim Berndt 

Mara Berndt

Elisabeth Foster

Shari MacFarlane

Barb Serve

Mike Serve

David Wolfe

Nadine Wolfe

Finance Committee

The mission of the Finance Committee is to facilitate the faithful stewardship of our financial resources. This committee oversees the financial wellbeing of the congregation and ensures congregational expenses are within the annual budget approved by the congregation and funds available. 

The Finance Committee shall consist of at least 4 voting members of the congregation and shall be appointed by the Church Council.  Accounting, financial or business experience preferred.


Kiki Coffey

Jeff Haynes

John Herrmann

Grant Krafft

Mike Serve

Laurie Zaucha - Chair

Mutual Ministry Committee

The function of the Mutual Ministry Committee is to encourage positive communication and cooperation between this congregation's members, the various committees of this congregation, and the congregation staff as they each perform their ministries in service to God. The Committee acts as a sounding board for related to staff that may arise from within our congregation, discussing such topics in a confidential setting and taking such action as seems to be appropriate and consistent with our Christian values. 

The Mutual Ministry Committee shall consist of six members appointed jointly by the Congregation President and the pastor and ratified by the Council. 


Chris Coffey

Liz DeLorenze

Helen Fee

Harry Fitzsimmons

Grant Kraft

Ann Menendez - Council Liaison 

Barb Serve

Social Ministry Action Team

In keeping with our vision to build a strong community and make the world a better place, our congregation engages in service ranging from collections for various agencies, to hands on projects, to advocacy. This team facilitates those ministries, and seeks opportunities to expand our outreach, that we might share God's love with ever more people. 



Patty Cain

Jen Canning

Elizabeth DeLorenze 

Jamie Foster 

Theo Haynes

Karen Netzband 

Leisa North

Worship & Music Committee 

Worship is the center of our lives together. This committee considers the worship needs of the congregation for every season, and supports our pastor and music director in planning and executing meaningful worship. We see music as an integral part of our worship ministry, and this committee helps with fundraising and planning to bring excellent music to our congregation and community.


Josh Bassette

Sandy Link 

Jonathan Madden

Rev. Johanna Rehbaum

Adrienne Rosenbauer