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Dear People of St. Paul’s,

Having barely recovered from last week’s shooting in Buffalo, we were once again left breathless and weeping from Tuesday’s news from Uvalde, TX. Such tragedy can make us feel helpless. How do we talk to our children about this? How do we talk to each other? How do we respond?

I know many are frustrated by the “thoughts and prayers” response, when it does not lead to action. I hear you and share that frustration. Still, by all means, pray. Pray for the victims and their families, foremost – for the peace that passes understanding, and for comfort and healing. Pray for the survivors and witnesses, who will need healing from the trauma of what they’ve seen. Pray for the helpers – the first responders, the doctors and nurses, the mental health professionals. Pray for the teachers, staff, and administrators – for courage, humility, compassion, and wisdom, as they deal with the aftermath. Pray for the community, for the spiritual leaders, and for trauma survivors who are reliving their previous heartbreak through this one. And pray for legislators, for wisdom and selflessness as they make decisions for the safety of our communities.

And remember also that prayer may simply be dwelling with God, and may be a litany of questions, and may be a lament. That is okay – prayer may look like an extra-long hug, or taking deep breaths, or a wail. It might even be a phone call or letter to a legislator, or a donation to an anti-violence non-profit.

Here are some simple prayers from Prayers for Faithful Families by Traci Smith:

“For Times When There Are No Words”

Peace, peace, peace

Peace in our hearts,


Peace in our minds,


Peace when we wake.

Peace when we sleep.

Peace shine bright in our lives.


“After a Traumatic News Event”

God, when sad things happen,

You are sad, too.

You understand.

Thank you, God.

You always hear us.

Help us to be kind and peaceful always.

We light a candle to remind us of your love for all.


Finally, I offer you a musical prayer. I often turn to hymn lyrics when I can’t find the words, and I pray this one will speak to you.

How Long, O God, ELW #698

Let our prayers never cease. Let them bring comfort to our own restless hearts and to all in pain. And let them lead into action. May we be open to the possibility that God is calling upon us to be a part of the answer to our own prayer. “Thoughts and prayers,” yes, but also, “prayers and action.” Let it be so.

In the hope of the resurrection,

Pastor Johanna

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